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About Mabas:
Mabas - the international company was established in Turkey in 2012. Our goal is to create and/or reconstruct the new solutions for the banking organizations. Mabas has become a reputable company thanks to its innovation activites and high sense of social responsibility. It led us to reach hundreds of customers-end users through our local distributors in more than 40 countries all over the world.The company offers easy solutions and products in retail for banks, security companies, CIT companies, as well as for many other companies. We manufacture banknote banding and strapping machines, which are highly reliable and correspond to international standards and are relevant to be utilized even in a heavy-duty enviroenment. We also offer several consumables such as paper, seals etc. Due to the policy of our company, we received the following certificates
Application areas:
We work with the central and commercial banks and security companies. SBM-95 provides full protection for money by tight banding and printing on it. It’s possible to print a title. Print provides full control of the process and in case of loss, fraud or counterfeiting it becomes easy to track where the strap came from and to find the culprit one through cameras. Also it saves time for the operator, as here there is no need to write the data manually, because the machine does it automatically.


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