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Our advantages:

• Modern design and industrial base;

• a staff of experienced professionals;

• all the materials are included for the production of plastic seals and packages;

• own test laboratory


Security seal

Security seal- it is a mechanical type of product designed for single-block objects, having any variety of eyelets. The product is resistant to the effects of force apply (the level of mechanical protection depends on product class) and unfavorable weather conditions. In case of such tampering seal visually will indicate to the fact of burglary, because after opening the re-installation is not possible.


We offer the following options:

• universal and plastic,

• for bag lock,

•for power lock,

•for special use,

•with metal belt,

•with a wire

Each of type of products is represented by variety modifications, among which you can choose the most appropriate for a specific task. Seals may serve as an indicator for opening the premises or containers and perform the function of the lock.

Five reasons to buy our security seals

1. High reliability and resistance against lock openings

2. Easy to install

3. Durable construction

4. Excellent level of protection.

5. Visual inspection to determine lock openings.